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Mesa Emergency Dentist
The staff at Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center encourages everyone to maintain healthy teeth by making routine check-ups and participating in recommended preventive treatment measures. Nonetheless, we realize that emergencies can still happen even with the best care. Dr. Derek Farnsworth and his associates are your Mesa & Gilbert emergency dentists.

Emergencies Seen Today
We will always make time in our schedule to assist with dental emergencies; this goes for first-time visitors as well as our regular patients. Stop in or call us at 480-396-9685 during regular business hours to immediately address your dental emergency. If you have a toothache, we will see you today and get you out of pain.

While we’re making the arrangements for your emergency dental appointment, there may be some steps you can take by yourself to temporarily treat your pain or injury.

Typical Dental Emergency Issues
A Toothache: The quicker we can see you, the less complicated this will be. Toothaches usually mean that your tooth is infected, but there are other possible reasons your tooth may be hurting. And if you have severe tooth pain and it goes away, don’t assume that your tooth is better. Usually it means that the pulp tissue inside your tooth is dead and the infection is now beginning to spill into the bone.

A Broken Tooth: A broken front tooth can be an aesthetic emergency. A bonding procedure to make you look presentable may not take very long at all. Please come in and we’ll take care of this. If a broken back tooth isn’t hurting, it may not be so urgent, but you should still be seen within a couple of days.

Tooth Knocked Out: Call us right away. Try to recover and save the tooth, and rinse off its roots. Treat the root of the tooth very gently. You can rinse it off, but absolutely do not scrub or do any mechanical cleaning. Put it in a damp (not wet) towel or paper towel, or put it in a glass of milk to help keep that delicate ligament tissue alive. If we can replant the tooth within half an hour of the accident, we may be able to save the tooth. Otherwise, it will eventually have to be replaced with a bridge or an implant.

Please remember that any kind of pain is a sign that something is wrong. If the pain stops, do not assume that the problem is gone. Make sure you visit your Mesa Gilbert emergency dentist as soon as you can.

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