Implants in a day Mesa & Gilbert is a new way of improving your smile. If you suffer from advanced dental disease requiring tooth removal, or are already missing more choppers than you’d care to admit, you’re probably well practiced at avoiding your Mesa & Gilbert dentist. After all, it’s daunting to think about the stages and complexity of care you might need. Fear of the unknown is a familiar obstacle, and fear of your Mesa & Gilbert dentist trumps even that. You may dream of making one visit to a dentist, pain-free, and coming out all fixed with a dazzling smile to match your dazzling personality, and strong healthy choppers to boot. One marketable procedure is this process of Immediate Teeth, Teeth in One Day or Teeth in 3-4 Days. These catch phrases refer to a process where dental implants either replace long term missing teeth, or replace teeth at the same time as they are removed. This can happen immediately, or within days which is for all intents and purposes still immediate. So what is this procedure exactly, and is the prospect of bypassing months or even years of treatment with one instant fix, too good to be true?


Dental implants are titanium fixtures that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to act as a foundation for the attachment of case-designed prosthetic teeth. Titanium is not seen as a foreign body by the bone, and bone cells actually grow onto, and attach, to its surface in a process called osseointegration. Once osseointegrated, implants act as a secure, long term and strong foundation to support teeth against the forces of chewing and the challenges of the mouth’s biology. With the advent of the first dental implants, a period of approximately 6 months was given to allow this process to take place, prior to the attachment of teeth. During those months, the patient wears temporary solutions such as removable partial dentures, as we wait for the implants to become ready for the attachment of teeth. These days, depending on the design and surface of an implant, and the quality of the host bone, this process can take as little as 6-8 weeks. This means that where appropriate, teeth can be made to attach to the implants much earlier. Impressions (or digital scans) of the implants can be made within the framework of the mouth, and a laboratory fabricates the teeth under the direction of the dentist or dental specialist. A variety of materials can be used in this process to suit the case, including zirconia, precious or non-precious metals, porcelain, composite resin and acrylic. Commonly porcelain is skillfully layered and shaded as a cosmetic overlay over a stronger metal or zirconia foundation.


With modern advances in the understanding of the biology of bone and soft tissue healing in relation to implants, and the advent of bio-material and digital dentistry solutions, it has become possible to carry out implant placement and related jaw surgical procedures, and make teeth to attach to the implants, immediately before the implants have actually integrated in the bone. This has led to immediate techniques becoming the favored or default approach of some operators (including yours truly). Advantages of this approach include preserving as much of the original gum and bone anatomy of the teeth as possible, and the obvious cosmetic outcome of having a nice full smile straight away. But this approach is more technique sensitive and requires precise criteria to be met to ensure success. The patient also has to avoid the area of the immediate implant teeth in their chewing or a period of 2-3 months. If it’s a full set of immediate implant teeth, then it’s important that the patient sticks to a liquid-soft diet for that time. After the 3 months, a normal solid diet can be resumed and the implant teeth can be treated as capable of full normal function.


This terminology is used to describe the concept of having dental implant replacement surgery and attaching new teeth to those implants on the same day, or within a few days. Generally speaking, for individual teeth a same-day approach is very sensible. But for full sets of teeth, allowing a 3-4 day process to be carried out ensures that the immediate teeth can be made in more advanced techniques, to optimize and precision design the cosmetics and longevity. Teeth that are attached on the same day are, by limitations of technique and materials, not as long lasting. One technique of replacing teeth with implants in 1-4 days is called the All-on- Four technique. This is an increasingly popular and cost effective method of reconstructing entire sets of missing or badly diseased teeth instantly, predictably and beautifully whilst avoiding the traditional pitfalls and cost/time requirements of bone and tissue grafting which prepared the jaws for implants. The All-on-Four uses specially angle dim plants (usually 4 in each jaw) positioned strategically in a manner that allows a full set of teeth to be immediately attached.


The well-trained dental implant specialist at Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center have this technique as one of many in their treatment options. Teeth in a Day Mesa & Gilbert is one of them. The key is to assess you for your own unique conditions and circumstances, and make a well-informed decision. Despite the possibilities of immediate teeth, there are still conditions where such a solution may not be the wisest solution. Examples would be insufficient bone volume or quality (in some cases), poorly controlled diabetes, heavy grinding habits or heavy smoking. In such situations extra time, and steps, are taken to ensure a successful outcome. In many other cases, under the hands of Dr. Kirch of Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center, and with respect to the conditions required to ensure success, immediate teeth or teeth in a day can provide a predictably successful, convenient, cosmetically and even biologically superior solution. A review of the dental implant literature confirms that the experience, knowledge and skill of the operator in the process of ‘immediate implants is an important factor in ensuring success. So as always, choosing the right doctor for the job is paramount. If instant new implant choppers are what you’re after, consult the doctors at Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center who carry out immediate implant and teeth in a day/teeth in 3-4 days procedures such as the Immediate All-on-Four solution, routinely, with good out comes.

Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center could advise you if you are a suitable candidate for Teeth in a Day Mesa & Gilbert, or if practicing patience for a staged approach to treatment is better for your case.